Isle Of Skin JadeRoller
Isle Of Skin JadeRoller
Isle Of Skin JadeRoller
Isle Of Skin JadeRoller

Isle Of Skin JadeRoller

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The Isle Of Skin Jade Roller is handmade in Chennai, India by artisans that have traditionally been sthapatis.
The roller is made of Indian Jade and every batch is tested certified by the Madras Gemological Institute for authenticity.
If you are the one that believes that crystals have energies then this crystal is for you.
  • Aids with skincare absorption deep into the skin
  • Help reduce puffiness around the eyes, promotes blood circulation and aids lymphatic drainage
  • Calms nervousness, anger, and irritation
  • Acts as a much-needed stress reliever 
  • Steadies your thoughts, improves sleep patterns and keeps you positive

How to Use:

  1. Use the longer end of the roller to massage in the upward direction on your face is given in the leaflet.
  2. Use the shorter end of the roller to roll gently around your eyes to help relieve puffiness and aid the reduction of dark circles. 

Instructions for Maintenance:

  • Gently wipe the jade roller with a sanitized tissue or cloth to disinfect the roller & to remove skincare product from it
  • If you hear the beads squeaking against the metal grips, a drop of oil should help fix it
  • Do not try to remove the natural stone from the metal parts or dismantle the roller
  • Do not use hot water or allow any chemicals to touch the natural stone
  • Handle with care, avoid dropping the roller
  • Striations in the gemstone body and the beads are normal and a natural crystal formation.

Proudly Made in India.

Authentic Product of Isle Of Skin.

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