Our story

Famed South Indian playback singer and dubbing artiste, Chinmayi Sripada, has for years had a proficient alternative talent of being an online ambassador for skincare solutions. Her passion, understanding, forthright skin care product reviews and remedies have always been a raging hit. 

With her legion of online community followers, she was primed to launch her own skincare label and lend much needed hope to faithful millions, seeking honest skincare products that are gentle on the skin and the environment.

Primarily being a consumer at heart, she promises that the product line will have a pure conscience and a soul. Most of the brands featured on Isle Of Skin will be products that the founder or her circle of associates would have personally tried or used before recommendation. 

All skincare products will be backed by her trademark undiluted voice of honesty and unbiased point of view that will aid patrons to discover, try, buy and benefit immensely. 

Isle of skin promises to be a devoted platform that will curate the world’s best skincare products for deserving Indian consumers. It will hopefully be the first reliable skincare brand that understands Indian skin and retails products to suit our challenging weather conditions. 

The brand will promote a guilt-free, cost-effective, worry-free, self-care indulgence range. Rest assured that only carefully researched and decoded brands and fact-checked ingredients will make the cut.

Patrons can also visit the social handles Instagram, Twitter, Facebook for regular DIY skincare and self-care routines.  

Isle Of Skin believes in placing skincare on a pedestal. We are devoted to bring the best of K-beauty to you! 

Let’s K-beauty!