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Isle Of Skin White Turmeric

Isle Of Skin White Turmeric

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Isle of Skin White Turmeric is now upgraded to reusable packaging!!

Sustainably sourced white turmeric (a.k.a) Poolan kizhangu from Kerala is shade dried and ground to fine powder to provide multiple benefits ft like the wild yellow turmeric without the stain. 

  • Helps to maintain a naturally glowing complexion
  • Effective in reducing blemishes, acne marks and insect bites all over the body
  • Calms the skin, helps in acne, pigmentation
  • Can be used by men
  •  Rich in antioxidants, anti - Inflammatory, Anti-allergens 

Suitable for: All skin types

 Personalise the perfect pack for your skin type with

Dry - Curd/ pure Aloe vera gel

Oily - Rose water 

Normal - Aloe Vera

Direction: Mix it with water/rosewater/curd or pure aloe vera gel to form a paste based on your Skin Type.

  1. Apply to cleansed moist skin. Allow it to work for 30 minutes.
  2. Wash off with cold water.

Can also be add it to your face packs to get the benefits of white turmeric along with other ingredients.

Bath Powder: Mix with water and apply all over the skin especially on redness or insect bite marks and wash off.

Quantity: 75 g

  • Proudly Made in India
  • Food grade
  • Free from Preservatives, Colourants, artificial Fragrances, Chemicals
  • Vegan


Kichili Kizhangu /White turmeric (Curcuma Zedoaria).

  • Free from fillers, Preservatives, artificial Colourants, artificial Fragrances, Chemicals.
  • Made in small batches to retain freshness.

Warning: Store in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight. Natural ingredient can be allergic to few people, patch test before use.

In case of irritation, please wash off with cold water immediately. Keep out of reach from Children, Avoid eye contact. Wash off immediately with clean water. For external Use only.

If you are already in between a skin treatment plan for any skin issue like acne or pigmentation, please consult your Physician before use.

Authentic Product from Isle of Skin.

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