Double Cleansing

If you’ve been around social media, following beauty influencers, and are now wondering how to start building your own routine, it starts with the absolute basic - Cleansing.

Cleansers are skincare products that are very basic but not enough thought goes into choosing the ones that is right for our skin.

You may have heard about Double Cleansing and if you are wondering what it entails, read on.

Double cleansing is made of 2 steps

  • Oil Cleanser - An emulsifying gel, balm, oil based cleanser
  • Foam Cleanser - A water based cleanser

Suggested for your night time skincare routine, whether you wear makeup or not, sunscreen or not (please do not skip on sunscreen!!!), double cleansing make sure your skin is effectively, yet gently cleansed.

An oil based cleanser dissolves makeup, sunscreen and any oil based impurities that your skin may have built up over the day.
Apply your oil cleanser on dry skin, before washing your face. Massage gently for about a minute and then wash off.

Follow with your foaming cleanser which is ideally low pH. We’ll speak more about why the pH of your cleanser matters in our forthcoming blogs.

cosrx calming foam cleanser

Take your foam cleanser, about a pea sized amount on to your palm, sprinkle a few drops of water and foam it between your palms. Apply the foam on to your face as against dotting the foam cleanser as your would a moisturizer, on your face and foaming the product on your facial skin.

Wash off. Pat dry. Refrain from rubbing and using your towel as an exfoliant and immediately follow with your toner.

Our recommendation from Isle Of Skin

Oil Based /First Cleanser 

Foam Cleanser/Second Cleanser

how to choose your cleanser ,face wash, foaming cleanser? 

More in my next blog on building your skincare routine. :)

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